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About Present Future

Present Future is about understanding the future we are building today, about how technology has been shaping the world for thousands of years, and about the constant change, driven by the ingenuity of men and women throughout history, that we have been experiencing as a species. It is about making sure we understand the origins of some of the key technologies that are transforming the modern world and their impacts on society, the economy and the environment.

What is remarkable about the current technological changes we are experiencing is that they are sitting at the intersection of a set of extraordinary advances: faster microprocessors, cheaper digital storage, ubiquitous access to information, efficient algorithms, and an increasingly better understanding of the laws of nature. These ingredients, decades in the making, are some of the key enablers of the Deep Tech Revolution.

From biotechnology to cybersecurity, nanotechnology to robotics, energy to virtual reality, aerospace to artificial intelligence—join the award-winning author of Present Future and explore this revolution.

2021 Foreword Indies Awards: GOLD Medal – Science and Technology

2022 Axiom Business Book Awards: GOLD Medal – Business Technology

The Brazilian version of Present Future, released in 2019, was honored as the top science book in Brazil by the most prestigious literary award in the nation: “The Prêmio Jabuti.”


Praise for Present Future

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About the Author

GUY PERELMUTER is the founder of GRIDS Capital, a deep tech venture capital firm focusing on artificial intelligence, robotics, life sciences, and technological infrastructure.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 1994 and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1996, both from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He specialized in computer vision techniques using artificial intelligence. In 1997 he was one of the winners of the Brazil Young Scientist Award for the implementation of his solution for the production of texts in Braille using dot matrix printers, and he later went on to develop risk analysis systems for financial markets.

His book Present Future was recognized by the Brazilian Book Chamber as the Best Science Book of 2020 in the 62nd edition of the annual Jabuti Prize.

Guy enjoys playing the piano, shooting hoops, watching science fiction, and reading (a lot). He currently lives in Brazil with his wife and their son and daughter.

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